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15 Best Gut Health Blogs to Follow in 2024 (UPDATED)

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Did you know that our gut is one of the most important parts of our bodies responsible for our health? That’s why it’s a good idea to keep it healthy.

If you’re looking for reliable information on gut health, you’ll want to check out some of the best gut health blogs around. From tips on improving gut health to advice on dealing with specific conditions, these blogs have everything you need to get started on the road to better gut health.

So, one way to jumpstart our journey to a healthier gut is to find resources that we can learn from and also inspire us to attain a healthy gut.

The following are my top favorite gut health blogs (I always read) to get you started in all things gut health:

  1. Gut Microbiota For Health
  2. The Gut Stuff
  3. Ann Shippy MD
  4. Listen to Your Gut
  5. She Can’t Eat What
  6. Karlijn’s Kitchen
  7. The Gut Health Doctor
  8. Dr. Ruscio Blog
  9. Omni Biotic Blog
  10. Nutritious Life
  11. Garden of Life Lifestyle Blog
  12. Cotter Crunch
  13. The Plant Fed Gut
  14. Love Your Gut
  15. The Healthy Gut

Let’s explore each one below and discuss why they make a great resource to achieve a healthier gut and body.

1. Gut Microbiota For Health

Gut Microbiota For Health Blog

Produced and edited by the ESNM (European Society of Neurogastroenterology & Motility), it isn’t surprising that the blog Gut Microbiota For Health is filled with informative resources about everything there is to know about gut health.

A gut health blog founded in 2012, Gut Microbiota For Health offers insights into the current research and practice news to keep us updated about newly published studies that can be helpful for our gut.

There’s also a library containing infographics, videos, and answers to FAQs that provide an easy explanation of these topics.

This blog is certainly an excellent resource material.

2. The Gut Stuff

The Gut Stuff Blog

Have you heard of Alana and Lisa Macfarlane? 

They’re known as the “Mac Twins” and they participated in the British Gut Project. It’s a study that discovered something really interesting: despite sharing the exact same DNA, the twins only share about 40% of the same microbiota.

That means that the foods we eat can really matter because they shape our gut microbiome. 

The twins created the blog, The Gut Stuff, where you can find plenty of information about how you can have a healthy gut. You can find some useful gut tips, plenty of yummy gut-friendly recipes, and even links to other resources if you want to learn more.

The Mac Twins also wrote the book “The Gut Stuff: An Empowering Guide To Your Gut & Its Microbes” that you can buy from their blog.

They also offer a cookbook.

But if you also want ready-made snacks and foods to munch on while you’re busy studying more about gut health, you can also get these from The Gut Stuff’s shop on their blog.

3. Ann Shippy MD

Ann Shippy MD blog

She’s a medical doctor with board certification in Internal Medicine. But Dr. Ann Shippy had actually started out as a chemical engineer and manager with IBM.

She had a major career change after getting terribly sick with severe gut issues, which led to extreme fatigue and hair loss, to the point where her colleagues thought she was dying.

Because she only received what she called a “band-aid solution” for her condition, she researched healthy foods in hopes of finding a real solution – and these actually worked so much better than the medications she received.

Aside from becoming a doctor, she also started Ann Shippy MD to share her knowledge with everyone who needed it. There are lots of articles where you can learn everything there is to know about better gut health for better health.

You can find lots of yummy, healthy recipes on her blog, everything from main course meals to snacks, soups, drinks, and desserts. 

My favorites are “paleo Mediterranean chicken and veggies” and “chocolate chip zucchini muffins.” Who knew that healthy gut foods can still be so yummy, huh?

4. Listen to Your Gut

Listen to Your Gut Blog

Jini Patel Thompson was diagnosed with a supposedly incurable disease (widespread Crohn’s disease). She was told bluntly by her doctor that she’d never have kids or hold down a job but will be in and out of hospitals, and on disability insurance.

Yet she was able to use proper nutrition to actually make herself better. 

Happily announcing that she has been 100% drug and surgery-free for over 20 years, plus a mom to three wonderful kids, she launched Listen to Your Gut to share everything she learned with others who might be suffering from IBS, ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease, and diverticulitis.

You can find plenty of informative articles about gut health, home remedies, and the elemental or bowel rest diet in this blog. 

The shop provides several options for nutritional supplements, elemental shakes, and other nutritional products. 

There are also links to workshops, podcasts, and books as additional resources to help you learn.

5. She Can’t Eat What?

She Can’t Eat What Blog

When she was diagnosed with IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), Emma Hatcher found a way to deal with her symptoms by changing her diet.

She had to give up coffee, gluten (found in wheat and other grain), lactose (found in milk and other dairy products), and other food.

When her symptoms returned and refused to go away despite these diet changes, she turned to the Low FODMAP Diet. The name is an acronym for various groups of sugars: Fermentable, Oligosaccharides, Disaccharides, Monosaccharides, And Polyols.

Realizing that there aren’t a lot of resources talking about this revolutionary diet approach, Hatcher launched her blog, She Can’t Eat What?

It’s filled with delicious, FODMAP-friendly recipes that you can try at home. 

What I love about her blog and recipes is that there are lots of delicious items that you might not associate with a “diet plan.” For example, there are “dark chocolate mousse with macadamia nut brittle” and “FODMAP friendly s’mores bars.”

Going on a gut-friendly diet doesn’t have to be boring!

6. Karlijn’s Kitchen

Karlijn’s Kitchen Blog

Karlijn’s Kitchen is another great place to find yummy FODMAP-friendly and gut-healthy recipes, including delicious pasta primavera and lactose-free healthy strawberry cheesecake.

Like Emma Hatcher in the previous blog, Karlijn was also diagnosed with IBS. Because she loves food and cooking, she found a way to create delicious recipes that incorporate a healthy way of living through the low FODMAP diet.

If you sign up for their newsletter, you can also receive her free e-book with the 10 must-know low FODMAP tips to help jumpstart your journey to good gut health.

7. The Gut Health Doctor

The Gut Health Doctor blog

What I really love about The Gut Health Doctor is that this isn’t just some blog of a random writer. 

It was actually created and is managed by Dr. Megan Rossi, a scientist who has had her studies published in several scientific journals, including The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

She’s also the author of the best-selling book “Eat Yourself Healthy: An Easy-to-Digest Guide to Health from the Inside Out.” 

There are plenty of resources available on The Gut Health Doctor blog.

Aside from articles about gut health that are comprehensive but easy to understand, she also offers a free 10-step guide to good gut health if you sign up for their monthly newsletter.

Plus, there are dozens of yummy, healthy recipes available for free. 

You can even find recipes for delicious treats like “raspberry & cashew cheesecake” and “10-minute chocolate truffles” on Dr. Rossi’s blog. Yummy!

8. Dr. Ruscio

Dr. Ruscio Gut health blog

In searching for the right gut health blogs to follow to achieve good health, I recommend those that are backed by science and proven by doctors.

That’s the combination that you can get from the Dr. Ruscio blog.

Prepared and maintained by Dr. Michael Ruscio, a Doctor of Natural Medicine, a Doctor of Chiropractic, and a clinical researcher, you know that the information on the blog is accurate and useful.

Not only is he a postdoctoral continuing education provider, but he’s also a committee member of the Naturopathic Board of Gastroenterology research division and his work has been published in peer-reviewed medical journals.

This blog is where you can get plenty of information about current research, trending topics, podcasts, videos, and guides. 

You can view and use these for free even without signing up. Still, considering the many valuable information and lessons you can learn in this blog, signing up for the newsletter can be quite useful.

9. Omni Biotic Blog

Omni Biotic Blog

Another company-run site, the Omni Biotic Blog might appear biased yet it provides lots of important, well-researched information about gut health and probiotics. 

Each article in this gut health blog provides lots of information yet difficult topics and terms are explained in a way that can make them easier to understand, even by ordinary, non-scientific readers like most of us.

What I love about this blog is that they aren’t just about promoting their products but provide valuable information, backed by various peer-reviewed studies published in different journals.

You’ll know that they aren’t just there for the “likes” and the sales but to really provide answers to your burning questions about the gut and things you need to do or stuff you need to eat and take to be healthy.

10. Nutritious Life

Nutritious Life Blog

Is it possible to feel empowered by eating? That’s what I found on Nutritious Life, a blog that discusses everything you need to know about gut health.

The blog even explains the eight important pillars of a healthy life, starting with the right foods.

You can find lots of colorful, well-explained articles on this blog, plus lots of yummy recipes to try at home, including the “summer vegetable salad” and the “watermelon cucumber smoothie.”

What I love about this blog is that it also helps out budding entrepreneurs to start and grow their nutrition businesses by becoming nutrition coaches.

It helps a lot that at the helm of this blog is Keri Glassman, a renowned dietitian, and thought leader who authored several best-selling books, including “Why Can’t I Drop The Weight?”

Aside from getting her books from her blog, you can also purchase other stuff you need for living a healthy life, including vitamins, supplements, and fitness gear.

11. Garden of Life Lifestyle Blog

Garden of Life Lifestyle Blog

Owned and managed by the Garden of Life company, you might feel that there’s some bias on the Garden of Life Lifestyle Blog

Yet this blog is an important source of information about good gut health. And while they also discuss other nutrition topics, there’s no question that this lifestyle blog helps promote a healthy body through having a healthy gut.

Like the blogs above, you can also find several recipes on this blog, including “probiotic smoothie bowls” and “toasted quinoa breakfast bowls.”

12. Cotter Crunch

Cotter Crunch blog

Cotter Crunch was launched in 2009 when Lindsay Cotter prepared meals for her triathlete husband, nicknamed Kiwi Cotter because he’s from New Zealand.

As she prepared recipes for her blog, Lindsay went on to receive her Bachelor’s degree in Science Nutrition from the University of Texas at Austin.

She became certified as a nutrition specialist through AASDN (The American Academy of Sports Dietitians and Nutritionists), a qualified fitness instructor, and a personal trainer.

So, the recipes and valuable information she shares on her blog aren’t just random stuff she found on the internet or things she invented. She cooked up these recipes with health and nutrition in mind, backed by real science.

Aside from yummy recipes like her “gluten-free slow cooker spaghetti” and the “almond flour banana muffins with coconut,” she also prepared meal plans that anyone can use for free! That’s really a big bonus because other nutritionists might sell that for some fee.

The many freebies are likely because Lindsay is such a generous person. 

She explains that back in the day when her husband used to run the triathlon, she was known as the “Sherpa Wife” because she loved to hand out healthy goodies for the athletes to refuel at the end of the race.

13. The Plant Fed Gut

The Plant Fed Gut Blog

Will Bulsiewicz, MD MSCI, is a board-certified gastroenterologist and gut health expert who created The Plant Fed Gut as a blog to help others become healthy.

He explains that helping people shift to a plant-based lifestyle based on better, evidence-based choices can help them more than if he scribbled prescriptions for them to take. It’s like having a doctor in your pocket or laptop.

He added that instead of trying to treat a condition with medicines, he wants people to go to the root cause and fix it from there – and that root cause can often be found in our gut.

By this time, you probably have some idea about the gut being one of the most important organs that determine our body’s health. 

Yet it’s still nice to get information straight from a doctor who also believes the exact same thing and knows how to explain it in a manner that’s easier to understand.

Plus, I really love that he practices what he preaches. He’s fit and healthy. He’s the perfect guinea pig and model for the practices he explains and the foods he wants us to eat for a better life.

You can get lots of free resources if you sign up for his newsletter. Another option is to get his best-selling book, “Fiber Fueled” and its accompanying “The Fiber Fueled Cookbook.

14. Love Your Gut

Love Your Gut Blog

A no-nonsense blog that brings you straight to the topics that matter, Love Your Gut is a nice spot to find useful things like summer recipes you can try at home, food swaps to do for a healthier you, and lots of other stuff you can learn about gut health.

This blog even provides a guide to “spring cleaning” your gut, things to consider to keep your gut healthy even when you’re on a holiday, and lots of other useful tips.

In every blog that I’ve recommended, it’s always the recipes that stand out – and this one isn’t any different. 

You can find exotic choices like the “oriental tofu rice noodles” and “kedgeree with turmeric and coriander.” But there are also lots of common favorites such as the “frozen berry yogurt cake” and the “chocolate mousse.”

Who knew that yummy foods like these can be good for your gut, huh?

15. The Healthy Gut

The Healthy Gut blog

The Healthy Gut is a wonderful blog to follow if you have SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth), want to avoid this uncomfortable situation, or simply want to have a healthier gut and body.

This gut health blog takes up everything there is to know about this condition, how you can prevent it from happening, and natural ways that can help you alleviate your symptoms.

Not only does the blog offer practical information such as the SIBO meal plan, recipes, and other guides, but it also helps you cope with the other aspects of the condition, such as stress.

Knowing that your tummy is really quite sensitive if you have SIBO, you might have been avoiding a lot of delicious food because you’re scared of the consequences.

The good news is that this blog creates SIBO-friendly versions of these recipes so you can enjoy your favorite dishes, such as “clam chowder” and “spiced carrot and lentil soup.” You can even learn exotic dishes like “Vietnamese chicken pho,” “Japanese duck ramen noodle soup,” and “pad Thai.”


Gut health is becoming an increasingly popular topic and for good reason. The gut-brain connection is a real and powerful thing, so keeping your gut health is essential to maintaining your overall health and well-being.

These are just a few of the best gut health blogs to follow this year.

Each of the gut health blogs above provides important and useful information to help you achieve a better, healthier gut and body.

What I really love about these blogs is that they offer a wide range of delicious recipes for foods that you might think aren’t alright for you to eat because you’re suffering from a gut condition.

Thanks to these health blogs, we can all stay healthy while still having fun and eating the right kind of healthy (and yummy!) foods. Which blog did you like best?

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